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  • Kurt Patino


The profession of Acting has the earning potential to increase your finances in a significant way while doing what you love. To achieve that, acting must be approached as any other high income job. The amount of knowledge, real life experience and hustle that must be achieved in the pursuit of success must match that as if you were pursuing a career in law, medicine, sports, finance, etc. So, let’s get to work:

Believe in yourself

“Believe in yourself, then go along and do all the other things that are necessary to keep your talent up to date. Most people in other walks of life work at least forty hours per week. If an actor is not spending at least forty hours a week honing his craft in some way, then acting is just a hobby. A career needs constant attention. The actor has to spend his time taking classes, doing workshops, going to the theatre, watching all the television shows that he hasn’t seen before, and doing everything else possible to promote his career. Being an actor is not just picking up the sides and auditioning.” —John A. Aiello (former Casting Director)

Study theater

“Study theater, because theater is the greatest training ground that you can have. There are people who have never done theater who can be wonderful screen actors, but it all depends on your training. We all have great natural instincts, but they need to be honed.” —Keith David (Actor)

“The thing to get rid of is that you are a beggar at the gate, that you are the powerless and helpless eager youngster wanting a crumb from the big table. At some point, you have to empower yourself and say, ‘You know what, I’m good at this.’” —Michael Emerson (Actor)


“I like to go over [a scene] many, many times. Is there something I’m not seeing in this particular scene? My method is more about repetition and breaking through my initial thoughts and finding another deeper moment that may be different than what anyone else does in the room.” —Vinessa Shaw (Actress)

We’re all in the same boat

“All auditions are humiliating, stressful, frightening, embarrassing, anxiety-making, and demoralizing. So start at that base level and everything’s cake from there.” —Martha Plimpton (Actress)

For more advice on the subject of acting, read “50 Best Acting Tips From Actors and Directors Who’ve Finally Made It” (

The journey never ends, and your goals must be clear. If you want to be a working actor, don’t dip your toe into the water. Jump all the way in, and make a big splash!


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