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  • Kurt Patino


Change is inevitable. We all know that. And boy, has change smacked us in the face with a capital “C” in the form of the coronavirus. But the entertainment industry has survived so well because of how much it embraces change. Those whom have fought change throughout the inception of movies crashed & burned, and it was the innovators whom accepted more creative ways to entertain audiences that thrived during creative transitions. Because of the coronavirus, we’re going through another change right now on sets. Sets will be different for the foreseeable future, and we all need to accept it and adapt to it with grace, enthusiasm and teamwork.

Studios, networks and independent producers are in a quandary. Budgets will rise. Schedules will be longer. Set procedures will be much different. Why? They’re trying to protect their cast & crew from contracting the coronavirus while also staying on budget and on schedule. What can actors do to support these skittish filmmakers? Be a light and positive example on set through these uncertain times. The goal remains the same: to inspire and entertain audiences with exciting stories. Everyone looks to the performers to lead a set. If you can inspire other cast and crew members in words and action, the transition to these new protocols will be much smoother, and Producers, Directors and Crew will appreciate you.

Our minds create fear and doubt and depression as a coping mechanism, even though it’s all negative. Being calm, cool and positive helps all of us deal with change in a healthier way. Bringing that mindset to a production is vital to create a supportive community on set, and it’s a way to stand out and be noticed by decision-makers. What you bring to set in attitude is almost as important as what you bring creatively. Keep that in mind. We’ll all get through this, but we can only do it by caring for each other.


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