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  • Kurt Patino


Acting is performing. Acting is not looking for an Agent. Acting is not asking your Manager why you’re not getting auditions. Acting is not wondering why you haven’t “made it” yet. Acting is finding a way to express yourself in an artistic way, and doing it for the love of it. I’m not saying you shouldn’t be business-minded, but if all you’re thinking about is how to make it in this business rather than how you can be the most talented and well-rounded actor possible, then your signals are crossed.

I get more questions about how to find an Agent than I do questions about how they can be the best actors possible. Why are actors so obsessed with finding representation when they have two short films, three auditions and no theatre under their belts? I believe it’s because they don’t want to do the work. They want someone else to do it for them. But the reality is, representatives don’t want to do the work either. Agents don’t want to “develop” clients anymore. It takes too long. The risk is too great. Casting doesn’t have time to meet developmental actors anymore. That’s the reality. It’s hard enough getting casting to read experienced actors with resumes. So what’s the solution? You’ve heard it over and over again. You. Have. To. Hustle. What does that mean? You have to be performing in some capacity. All. The. Time. If you’re not in a play; if you don’t have a YouTube Channel; if you’re not creating entertaining videos on social media… then what are you doing? I have a friend with no Agent and no Manager, but she gets her own auditions through actors access and also acts as her own “manager” with a different name (that’s a hustler). She gets to know casting directors and makes fans. She’s a very active part of a theatre company. She’s constantly posting IG videos. She creates her own shows and music videos online. She’s doing a regular V.O. character on an animated series. She just started doing stand up comedy. Oh, and guess what, she’s in her 30s, married with a toddler, and currently pregnant. She has not slowed down one bit. She LOVES performing. She’s acted on TV shows and produced a feature film for Amazon, but she hasn’t “made it.” She’s living it, though. And you know something, she’s super cool and just like everyone else. She wants to make a living as an actor, but until that happens, she’s acting every day and enjoying every moment. Ask yourself 3 questions. #1, are you being creative every day? #2 Are you trying to meet one new person in the industry every day? #3, are you being active on social media? If you’re not saying “yes” to all 3, how are representatives going to find you and “see” your talent?


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