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  • Kurt Patino


If your rep emailed/texted you tonight and said I need a series regular taped audition from you by 10:00am tomorrow, how prepared are you? All of the taped audition businesses are closed. Your acting coach is not available. Who will read opposite you? If your reader is available, but can’t do it until they get back home at 11:00pm, what will you do? How would you do a remote audition with your reader? You’re perfect for the role. The material’s amazing. The actor dropped out. Producers are scrambling to find a replacement. Your Agent & Manager had been pitching you for weeks. Now’s your chance. Look in the mirror and ask yourself “how prepared are you for the biggest opportunity of your career?”

Wherever you live must be turned into a mini-studio nowadays if you’re a serious actor. Who knows when we’ll be back to live auditions again? We need casting to see you in the most flattering light possible, not to mention nailing the material in a limited amount of time. Getting it done well and last minute will show Producers that you’re prepared for whatever they throw at you. Ideal circumstances rarely exist, and the days of having even 24 hours sometimes to tape an audition is practically extinct. Do your research and observe how people are presenting themselves on video. Following the right techniques will allow you to differentiate yourself from those who have prepared their setup to make them stand out on-screen and those who have not. Why wouldn’t you do everything in your power to put your best foot forward?

The trajectory of your career is entirely up to you. We as representatives work very hard to create opportunity, but without your preparation, success cannot be achieved. Careers grow through that important booking that leads to a bigger booking, etc. And you have to be ready no matter what time it is. Do the work. Be ready for anything. Do it better than your competition. Let’s go back to that night and answer the questions. The moment has come. Your email “dings!” Your text “dings!” Your rep is using ALL CAPS: “Big audition! Just sent you material! Series Regular! Need it ASAP! Your heart sinks. “ASAP.” You’re tired. You were going to hang out with friends. Okay. Suck it up. Cancel plans. Ask one of those same friends to read opposite you. They’re all the away over the hill. You won’t be able to meet in person. Wait a minute. You can Skype. You have your camera. You have your lighting. You have your background. No sweat. This will work. You have the opportunity. You’re prepared to tape the audition. Success is just around the corner!


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